Game features

Here is feature list of the PandemicZ. I of course would like to implement all my ideas to the game, but everything costs time and money. And I do not have bucketloads of either one =)

Core features

  • 3D isometric top-down mechanics (done)
  • Zombie- and Infection-simulation (done)
  • Zombie herds simulation (done)
  • Civilian simulation (almost done, civs are  for now basically more braindead than zombies)
  • Multiple weapons with realistic damages and reloading
  • (simple) RGB style attributes for health, speed and vision
  • Automatic turrets for “crowd control” 😉
  • In-game money
  • In-game shopping for better equipment and auto-turrets
  • Random city-maps with increasing difficulty
  • Win-goals (save x civilians or kill x zombies)
  • Platforms
    • PC/Mac

“Would be Cool to have” –features

  • Network co-op
  • Xbox-platform with local co-op
  • Campaign-mode with handmade towns and cities
  • Ridiculous amounts of zombies and humans in levels, like tens of thousands.
    • For now game runs well on about 1000-2000 humans & zombies.
  • Open to suggestions!