What is PandemicZ

PandemicZ is a game project where you are the savior of human race (or try to be). Game is a top-down shooter with tower-defense elements. The backbone of the game is z-virus simulation, it starts with one human but if you do not act fast, the whole population of the world is soon infected and you will be overpowered.

You have various weapons at your disposal: pistols, submachine-guns, machineguns, grenades but (maybe) your best bets are defense-towers that you can buy with in-game money. Or you can use money to enhance you character in RPG fashion. Will you be super fast and strong zombie killing machine or will you be defense-engineer with deep pockets? You get money for every infected that you kill and lose it for any humans that die or turn in zombie.

If you save enough civilians, you can move on to the next city and it will have more humans to save (and more humans to be infected).

For now game is in development and no downloadable game files are available at this time.

Follow the gamedev progress here at our blog!