Dynamic weather and day cycle

New update include dynamic weather with volumetric clouds, volumetric sunbeams, day- and night cycle and dynamic blood decals. Weather includes clear sky, cloudy skies, fog, light rain, heavy rain and storm. Weather changes randomly. Dynamic blood decals means that blood is not a flat surface like it was in previous version. Now blood really paints […]

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Almost there

Time to publish the game is almost here, menus and settings are working so game is almost playable. But little tweaks here and there is still needed: more audio, more music and more weapons! Also i could model couple of more civilian-characters, now the village seems like a mormon-community 😀

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Updates updates updates…

Adding some finishing touches to game: Zombies now does not ignore player Less annoying audio that fades away quicker when player is not close Audio is far from done, ambient, footsteps etc… New Zombie animations Running Standing up after being turned to zombie Trees now hides when it obstructs view to player Limited ammo and […]

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Big update

I have been silent for couple of weeks, but game dev is still going on! Here is video of current version, that has: In-game money system Killing zombies gives 100 € Killing humans takes away 10€ (even if kill happens by zombies or turrets) Turrets costs 100 € TODO: In-game shop for weapons and armor […]

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First level done

First level of PandemicZ is now done. Dawn brings the dead to the little village, that has no way out but killing all the infected. Here is a little demo from live simulation  

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Crowd simulation is working

Crowd simulation A.K.A Local Avoidance is now working with “good enough”-results. In video there is 1500 agents (humans) pathfinding targets and avoiding other agents real time. Game runs 20-30fps on hi-end laptop with Zombie-simulation done in background. Couldn’t resist some mass-murdering at the end, sorry…

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Optimizing my brains out

Last night I decided to completely trash my A* pathfinding, it just was not good enough for big maps and huge number of subjects. After 14 hours, everything is now re-coded and re-thinked. Now game can run 2000 population simulation at 1920×1080 resolution and maintain solid 30+ fps (tested on late 2016 Macbook Pro, i7, Radeon […]

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Animator about done

Ok, got basics of human animator done. Sure, it needs a lot more of variance, but with random speeds (via scripts) it looks rather good on game. Breakdown of cycles are: If human has not died, just play Idle-animation. If real world speed is over 0.1f start looping walking animation. If speed is over 2f […]

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