First level done

First level of PandemicZ is now done. Dawn brings the dead to the little village, that has no way out but killing all the infected. Here is a little demo from live simulation  

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Crowd simulation is working

Crowd simulation A.K.A Local Avoidance is now working with “good enough”-results. In video there is 1500 agents (humans) pathfinding targets and avoiding other agents real time. Game runs 20-30fps on hi-end laptop with Zombie-simulation done in background. Couldn’t resist some mass-murdering at the end, sorry…

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Optimizing my brains out

Last night I decided to completely trash my A* pathfinding, it just was not good enough for big maps and huge number of subjects. After 14 hours, everything is now re-coded and re-thinked. Now game can run 2000 population simulation at 1920×1080 resolution and maintain solid 30+ fps (tested on late 2016 Macbook Pro, i7, Radeon […]

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Animator about done

Ok, got basics of human animator done. Sure, it needs a lot more of variance, but with random speeds (via scripts) it looks rather good on game. Breakdown of cycles are: If human has not died, just play Idle-animation. If real world speed is over 0.1f start looping walking animation. If speed is over 2f […]

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Just a couple of screenshots

For now i only have couple of high(ish) resolution screenshots from gameplay. I really should model the player soon, killer-pea is getting real old. But the player should be somehow really special and IT IS TOO MUCH TO DEAL WITH! Please, could someone model me a bad-ass player character? 😀

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First peek to gameplay

Okey, this is pre-alpha product but just to give some idea to the gameplay. Sorry about audio, it is recorded from external speakers. * Shooting, reloading, shells and clips are now working with pretty damn satisfying results! * 3D-audio is now implemented with 10 different screams (based on character models). A lot more of audio […]

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