Animator about done

Ok, got basics of human animator done. Sure, it needs a lot more of variance, but with random speeds (via scripts) it looks rather good on game.


Breakdown of cycles are:

  • If human has not died, just play Idle-animation. If real world speed is over 0.1f start looping walking animation. If speed is over 2f loop running animation. And every animation node has backward transition for similar conditions.
  • If human has played death animation (only 2 of those at this point) and is infected, transition to ZombieIdle-animation.
  • Zombie has pretty much same animation cycles as human, just speed-thresholds are lower and there is a “in-between”-state from idle to walk or run.
  • Zombies specialty is ability to jump to ZombieAttack-animation from any node, if isAttacking-bool is true

With transitions Death-to-ZombieIdle is handled pretty good. Sure, if there would be handmade animation to rise to standing, it would be prettier, but usually dead are covered with zombies, so no-one will see this Dracula-style wakeup:


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